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Ios249 is a sweet little hack for the Wii that allows you to play backup burned copies of games on your console. Pirated games will work too, although we DO NOT condone piracy. This video will walk you through the whole rather elaborate process of installing it on a hacked Wii with the Homebrew channel. how to install wii flow 3.0 with cios d2x ios 249 and … Download pack and put the ios on wad folder for ur bases if you dont have them) -I did method 1 with online install [once you follow the directions of changing the bases and the ios for example ios 249 with base 56 ,press A to install and a box diagram should appear showing you all your ios you have... Close to running wii and gamecube games. Help! | Forum Wii firmware v4.3 Homebrew channel with bootmii and a backup of my wii. iOS 236 cIOS on base 56/57 and slot 249/250 dIOS mIOS 2.6 Wadmanager 1.7 Wiiflow 4.1 Neogamma R9 Beta 56. I tried formatting my external hard drive to WBFS and... Wii Hacking Guide, from stock to Homebrew with backup loaders… cIOS 249 base 56 v10 beta53-alt.The slot you just selected should be blinking. Several other slots may be highlighted in red or purple, depending on your console and possible previous softmods.A to continue. IOS249 (Just press a right away). Nand Emulator Device disable. WiiSD Slot.

I've used installer v4 and v5.1 I also installed ios236 with the trucha bug, just in case. Additionally, I've installed d2x-v10-beta52 using the following: - cIOS base 37, cIOS slot 245 - cIOS base 38, cIOS slot 246I've attempted to load the game as 222, 223, 224, 248, and 249 -- all with the same results.

【Wii】Letter Bombを使って4.32JをハックしてcIOSをインストールする【wii brand使用... [Select cIOS base]のところでカーソルを合わせて左右キーを使って[56]に変更する [Select cIOS slot]のところでカーソルを合わせて左右キーを使って[249]に変更する [Select cIOS revision]のところでカーソルを合わせて左右キーを使って[65535]に変更する can't get Wii to run backups - Emulation - AtariAge Forums I can't get wiiflow or neogamma to play wii or gamecube games. Here is what I'm working with: Wii firmware v4.3 Homebrew channel with bootmii and a backup of my wii. iOS 236 cIOS on base 56/57 and slot 249/250 dIOS mIOS 2.6 Wadmanager 1.7 Wiiflow 4.1 Neogamma R9 Beta 56 installed pimpmywii and installed suggested fixes

Games with IOS Reload like: CSI, Splinter Cell, Metroid Prime Triology, Sam&Max,... runs OK with the " IOS Reload Block" function. Wii Negra 4.2E cIOSd2xv8 en slot249 & Base IOS56 y cIOS222 v5.1 de Hermes (USBLoader GX v.3 rev.1180 - CFG USB Loader v.70) & HD Samsumg 1TB.

Open it and install d2x v6 cIOS base 56 to cIOS slot 248. Once that's finished, install cIOS base 57 to cIOS slot 247. Once those are both done, restart your wii and open your usb loader. Your usb loader MUST have an option to change which cIOS it runs under or it will not work. Most run under slot 249 by default. cIOSx rev20b installer - Downloads - HacksDen The Ultimate ...

Select cIOS: v10 beta52 d2x-v10-beta52 Select cIOS base: 56 Select cIOS slot: 249 Select cIOS version: 65535

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- Now using d2x cIOS by default instead of Waninkoko's one on IOS 249 and 250. If you don't have the d2x cIOS v6, pimp will tell you that you have an old cIOS, even if you already have the latest Waninkoko cIOS. - Now using IOS 56 v5661 on slot 249 instead of the IOS 38. - Now detect wad files named "EULA-NUS-vX.wad" for EULA.

CIOS249 Base38 or 56 - HacksDen Ok, so I am considering droping base38 from slot249 and replacing it with base56 to be in line with the norm. Here is the current setup d2x-v6 247 = base 37 248 = base 56 249 = base 38 250 = base 57 Ok so prior to d2x rev17 was kept in slot 249 to keep comparability with triforce. Also base38 has es-identify patch which is required by older apps that only run on ios249.