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The Bigsby vibrato tailpiece is a type of vibrato device for electric guitar designed by Paul A. Bigsby. ... Bigsby vibratos are still factory installed on electric guitars, such as those manufactured by Epiphone, Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Guild, Hamer as well as ... putting a bigsby on an epiphone casino help ? | Yahoo Answers I feel like putting a bigsby on my epiphone casino, but I cant decide either a b3, b6, b7, or b700. Can you please answer the questions below for each bigsby tremolo arm so I can make up my mind on which one i would want to buy. ~ do you have to drill anything in ... Bigsby on Casino...B3 ? - Page 2 -

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Certain guitars feel wrong with a Bigsby, others feel wrong without one. In my opinion, Gretsch electrics are "more Gretschy" with a Bigsby. I've added Bigsbys to three of my guitars that came without them --- my Epiphone Casino, a Samick Artist Series SG, and a Riff ES-345 copy. But I've never removed a Bigsby from a guitar that came with it. Rickresource Rickenbacker Forum • View topic - Bigsby B7 ... I have found variations in the tailpiece screw hole locations. On the older Sorrento, the Bigsby used the same mounting holes as the trapeze. On the newer Casino the holes were slightly different. Either way, you will have to drill two holes in the top. I put down multiple layers of masking tape (to help reinforce the finish) and pre-drill the ...

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As storied as is the name D’Angelico in the world of high-end custom archtop guitars, it’s been exciting to see both the brand and the art deco styling applied to several lines of more varied—and more affordable—models in recent years.

Jan 12, 2015 · A Bigsby on a Casino looks a bit like this. It's a B-70 - that's what comes factory-installed if you get one stock. The American version is a B-7. I put a GFS roller bridge on mine and it works pretty well, but I DID put a taller, American Bigsby spring in it. It seems to be made of better metal, and improved performance a lot.

Bigsby on Casino...B3 ? - Page 2 -

Tempted to put a Bigsby on my Epiphone Casino. Have some Fralin P90's on the way and a 50's style wiring harness. Now considering just going big and adding the B7 Bigsby.